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Sunday, August 06, 2006


It seemed like every Saturday WEEI caller was upset that the Sox were not spending money like the MFY - exemplified in their acquisition of Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle. They had a great point. The Red Sox are flush with ca$h after 2004, and did not reinvest those dollars back into the 25-man roster this July 31st. But with the trade for Javy Lopez and everything demonstrated by Theo and the Trio over the past few years, it does not appear that the Sox want to just sox away the money we have paid them since 2002.

On July 31st, Theo did not want to move cheap young players that are contributing to the major league club RIGHT NOW. In most potential deals, the return for the likes of Lester, Hansen and/or Delcarmen would not drastically improve the Sox chance winning this year and likely decrease their shot in the future. As far as we know, clubs were only asking about the three aforementioned pitchers and for good reason. Theo’s first two drafts (players who should be AA or above prospects) have not panned out.

Papelbon is the exception of course. Matt Murton was dealt to the Cubs and Dustin Pedroia looks like a solid middle infielder, but that’s about it. Second round 2003 pick, Abe Alvarez, is at best a back of the rotation starter. 2003 second round supplemental pick, Mickey Hall, can’t make it out of A-ball. Accomplished college pitcher and 2003 third rounder, Beau Vaughn, is still pitching in Wilmington. And not even a whisper of the name David Murphy around the deadline. Overall, 2003 was not a successful draft.

In 2004, the Sox gave up their first rounder when they signed Keith Foulke and scored big with Pedroia. Even though it was thought of as a weak draft, the Sox shot - what seems like - only blanks. Third and fourth rounders, Andrew Dobies and Tommy Hottovy have been less than average. And so far, $1.575 million bonus boy, Mike Rozier has been a bust.

The Sox may not want to reinvest their World Series profits (although I highly doubt it), but what is certain is that the Olde Towne Team did not have enough depth in the minors to get a deal done. Teams were only asking about the three pitchers already members of the big league club. The lack of productive drafts in 2003 and 2004 had to limit the Sox options this past July.


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